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Scotland news:Scots are UK heaviest gamblers - shock survey | UK | News | Express.co.uk

Scots are UK heaviest gamblers - shock survey Scots are UK heaviest gamblers - shock survey Scots are more likely to gamble than people living in the rest of the UK, according to a survey. The Gambling Commission found 66 per cent of adults in Scotland spent money on gambling activities in 2016, compared with 56 per cent in England and 55 per cent in Wales. Across the UK, 57 per cent of adults were found to have gambled in the past year (Image: NC) The National Lottery was the most popular, with 51 per cent of Scots buying a ticket at one point during the year and 23 per cent buying scratchcards. Online bets had been placed by 10 per cent of Scots, while 11 per cent said they had bet on a horse race and five per cent had bet on football in a bookmaker. Across the UK, 57 per cent of adults were found to have gambled in the past year, down six per cent on a 2015 report.

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